Saturday JUNE 26th at 2:00pm on Hopkinton High School Outdoor Track

Live on HCAM TV & HCAM's Youtube Channel

About the Event

In collaboration with the Hopkinton Youth Commission, the Hopkinton Freedom is very proud to be hosting Hopkinton’s First LGBTQIA+ Pride Parade. In celebration of June as "Pride Month," various events are hosted throughout our country to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ communities! LGBTQIA+ stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and the plus "+" denotes all other subcommunities. Pride events are fun and upbeat gatherings centered around celebrating LGBTQIA+ people for who they are. These events work to promote greater understanding and acceptance of LGBTQIA+ people along with highlighting visibility which serves to reaffirm LGBTQIA+ people as equally present and integral members of our community. Pride events celebrate the two most important things: People and Love!

Information for parade walkers

We are currently recruiting Hopkinton town organizations to walk in the Parade. If your organization is interested in walking, please email the lead-organizer Freya Proudman, proudmanfreya@gmail.com for more information and registration instructions.


We are so pleased to have had all the required approvals to increase the size of our Pride Parade event! We are therefore now able to accommodate some in-person spectators. Pre-registration is required. Please obtain a free ticket in advance via our Eventbrite Page here.

HCAM TV will be in filming and broadcasting the entirety of the event live on their television and youtube channels for at home viewing as well.


event map



Q: When/Where is the Parade?

A: The Parade will take place on Saturday June 26th at 2:00pm on the Hopkinton High School Outdoor Track (Field 3).

Q: What is the Parade Route?

A: The Parade is entirely on the HHS Outdoor Track. The Parade route includes 3 loops of the track.

Q: Do I need to register to attend?

A: WALKERS: Yes! All parade walkers must be registered. If your Hopkinton town organization is interested in walking in the Parade or you are unsure whether or not you are registered to walk, please email Freya Proudman at proudmanfreya@gmail.com

A: SPECTATORS: Yes! All in-person spectators will need to obtain a free ticket to the event here on our Eventbrite Page.

Q: What is the relevant COVID information?

A: We encourage all attendees to follow the recommended COVID safety guidance. This includes maintaining social distancing, and wearing a face mask during the event if you are not fully vaccinated. We will have "Sanitizing Stations" around the Track with bottled water, extra face masks, cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer bottles, and garbage bags for your use. We will also be staggering dismissal of people from the event upon its completion to help maintain distancing and congestion.We ask that if you are experiencing COVID related symptoms, that you please DO NOT attend the event. For more on COVID symptoms please refer to the CDC Website here.

Q: Will the event be filmed?

A: Yes, HCAM TV will be filming and broadcasting the event on their television and youtube channels.

Q: I've signed up as a Parade walker or a spectator and unfortunately I can no longer attend the Parade.

A: We would really appreciate if you could let our event organizers know. This way we can offer your walker spot in the parade or your spectator ticket to someone else who may attend. Please email Freya Proudman at proudmanfreya@gmail.com if this is the case.


Q: What happens if the weather is bad?

A: The Parade will take place rain or shine. The event may only be rescheduled if there is a severe/dangerous weather warning which would make the event unsafe to attend. If this were to occur, the Hopkinton Freedom Team would email all registered parade walkers and update our social media pages to inform the public.

Q: Where should we park?

A: Please park on the Hopkinton Middle School & High School parking lots. Limited parking is avaible around the Loop Road; however please restrain from parking in the Loop Road Lot near Field 10 as there is another town event happening on that field.

Q: Do I need to Check In?

A: Yes, please! Both walkers and spectators should please visit one of our lovely volunteers at one of our check in booths before you enter the track facility.

Q: What do I do if I need help at the Parade?

A: There will be 20+ Volunteers from the Hopkinton Freedom Team and Hopkinton Youth Commission in attendance. They will be very visible and wearing Bright Yellow sashes across their bodies that say "VOLUNTEER" in black letters. If you need any assistance, please approach one of these individuals and they will be able to help. We will have a first-aid kit on hand, but in the event of an emergency please contact emergency services (911).

Q: What should I wear?

A: We encourage you to wear bright/rainbow colors! Any clothing, signs, banners should have positive, accepting, and inclusive messaging. For example, signs may include colorful hearts, words such as "love," "acceptance," "inclusivity," "equality" or phrases like "love is love," "LGBTQIA+ Pride!"

The Hopkinton Middle School Student Pride Alliance Group has a shop for “Hopkinton Pride” t-shirts and apparel! Their shop is not affiliated with the Hopkinton Freedom Team or Hopkinton Youth Commission. We believe that all proceeds from this online store support the HMS Pride Alliance Group. You can access their store here.

WALKERS: For Parade walkers your organizations are welcome to wear your organization t-shirts in the event and bring any organization signs you might have. Any clothing, signs, banners, etc should have positive, accepting, and inclusive messaging. For example signs may often include colorful hearts, the words “love, acceptance, inclusivity, equality” or things like “love is love,” “LGBTQIA+ Pride!” etc.

PLEASE NOTE: the event will not tolerate any hurtful, discriminatory, or non-inclusive messaging in the form of t-shirts, signage, or beyond. We ask you please also refrain from expletive language on clothing/signage and understand that the event staff retain the ability to remove any signage deemed harmful.

Please DO NOT BRING anything to throw during the Parade including GLITTER or SPARKLES as it is extremely difficult to remove from the surface of the track.

Q: Will there be access to the bathroom?

A: There will be a porta-potty available for use on the track This porta-potty is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair if needed. We will also have hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, and bottled water readily available at our sanitizing stations.