Hopkinton's 2nd Annual Pride Parade 2022

Mark your calendars! Details coming soon...

Sunday, June 19th | 2:00pm to 5:30pm

Hopkinton Public School Loop Road

June 19th is also Juneteeth Day!

This is a double opportunity to reflect on Freedom and Racial Injustice on the same day.

Last year we published many resources as part of an initiative called June to Juneteenth Day to learn about freedom and injustice.

More about June to Juneteenth Day

More about PRIDE

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for FAQs/ Fact Sheet about the upcoming Pride Parade on June 19th.

Register your group to walk in the Parade:

If you would like to register your group to walk in the Parade, please complete this brief registration

Groups can include: town organizations, community groups, student groups, sports teams, neighborhood groups! If you are individual who doesn't have a group but would like to walk, please email proudmanfreya@gmail.com and we will find you one!

Standing together with pride:
T-Shirt campaign

Sorry! All T-shirts are SOLD OUT! :-(

We will have some extra Black & White T-Shirts to sell on Parade day at the event. You can personalize with your own creative messages and drawings using fabric markers that we will provide for you.

We are excited to see Hopkinton STANDING TOGETHER WITH PRIDE again this year at the 2nd Annual Hopkinton LGBTQ+ Pride Parade on Sunday June 19th around Hopkinton Public School's Loop Road.

The Hopkinton Freedom Team is selling T-Shirts to help raise funds for this event. The T-Shirt features the Hopkinton Freedom Team's "Love is Love" Mural design which we created as part of the Hopkinton Cultural Commission's Diversity Murals Project at EMC Park.

We have T-Shirts in full color (limited supply) and Black & White T-Shirts. For the Black & White T-Shirts we will have fabric markers at the Parade so you can personalize it with your own creative messages and drawings.

T-Shirts will be available for pick-up prior to the Parade day, so you can design and color your black and white T-Shirt at home or write your own personal messages - ready to bring with you to the event!

Grab your T-shirt "canvas" and get creative!