Freedom through unity in the community.

MLK DAY 2022

January 17th | 10:00am

In light of this New Year coming, The Hopkinton Freedom Team and HCAM-TV are delighted to invite you to be a participant in the upcoming Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day program taking place in Hopkinton on January 17th 10:00am.

Jamele Adams is this year's keynote speaker. Jamele is the visionary of the Freedom Team concept that originated in Natick, MA.

View his 13 minute TED talk on "RACE, LOVE, FREEDOM: A Blueprint for Every Community."

MLK Day Program includes talks and commentary aired 'Live' as well as Calls to Action suggested by several community members and organizations!

CALLS TO ACTION: What can you do today to learn, elevate and spread LIT (Love, Inclusion, Trust) in our Community?


  • Opening Song by Monica Spencer

  • Keynote by Jamele Adams

  • Words of Dr. King - presented by Hopkins Elementary School

  • Little pieces of inspiration from Dr. King - Shared by members of the Hopkinton Community

  • Getting to know People and Organizations who service to our community

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Photo Credit: John Cardillo, Hopkinton Independent

Our Mission

The mission of the Hopkinton Freedom Team is to create unity in the community by fostering inclusion, solidarity and compassion for all people. The Freedom Team is focused on moving beyond tolerance to embracing, sharing and celebrating our community’s diversity. Its members meet monthly to explore ways of offering dialogue, support and programming to community members with a goal of promoting love, inclusion and trust (“LIT”).

The Freedom Team also offers a safe, confidential and respectful space to discuss incidents involving harassment or discrimination related to race, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability or class using a transformative justice model. This model offers opportunities for conversation and reconciliation to help repair experiences of misunderstanding or harm. Individuals may access this opportunity to talk by calling the hotline number at 774-278-4455 if they have experienced or witnessed bias-motivated threats, harassment or violence.

The first Freedom Team formed in 2016 in Natick through the inspiration of Jamele Adams; the Hopkinton Freedom Team formed in 2020.

Hopkinton Freedom Team Membership

Your membership starts with a pledge to promote love, inclusion and trust within our community.

Every year our town of Hopkinton becomes world-renowned as a place of world-wide unity and common ground for thousands of people who come here from all over the world to run in The Boston Marathon. In a way, this is the same intention of The Freedom Team. Our wish is to promote this same sense of being a welcoming town to all its residents as well as visitors by growing more inclusive-minded and welcoming as a community for all people. Our ultimate dream goal is to have every resident of our town sign up for general membership to the Freedom Team and its mission to promote love, inclusion and trust within our community.

You are invited to sign up for general membership to The Freedom Team by submitting a pledge form below and sharing what you have done to bring more unity, peace and acceptance to Hopkinton and beyond.

call town of hopkinton HOTLINE at 774-278-4455 to report bias-motivated threats, harassment and violence.