Marathon Love Letters

Calling all People of Hopkinton...

Marathon Supporters and Residents of Hopkinton to appear in a short film.

Read on to find out how you can get involved...

The Hopkinton Freedom Team, in conjunction with HCAM-TV and the 26.2 Foundation is looking for Hopkinton volunteers to send a message of love to Boston Marathon Runners around the world.

Hopkinton is world-renowned as the starting line and common ground for people from all over the world who run the Boston Marathon. This April marks the second year the Marathon has been canceled due to the pandemic.

In a town-wide initiative to help lift world spirits, we invite Hopkinton to reach out to our Marathon runners around the world. Help them feel our love and appreciation!

We are creating a 3 minute film using videos and photographs of the people of Hopkinton sending greetings to the runners. All Hopkinton residents are invited to submit a photo or short video showing what you love about the Boston Marathon.

Once finalized, we will send this message of love to the thousands of runners in all parts of the world from Hopkinton, our world-welcoming community. We would love YOU to be a part of this town-wide message of love.

Connection is everything! Let’s send some love out across the globe!

How to send your submission?

  • Take a picture or video. Looking for ideas? See below...

  • Then, fill out the Release Form and Upload your image/video using this form below.

Submission deadline is June 30th, 2021

This fun, spirited project will help us feel excited to represent our town and send a little love around the world. Hopkinton is the starting line for the oldest and one of the most famous Marathons around the world. Let's be leaders in sharing the love out to our Marathoners around the world!

Looking for photo or video ideas?

Take a picture of yourself making a heart, blowing a kiss, or show your love by holding a sign with a message expressing what you love about the marathon or are most looking forward to when the Marathon returns.

See below for signs with messages that you can print out and use for your pictures!


Record a 5-10 sec video of yourself speaking a few words to express what you love most about the Marathon and the runners.

Some examples:

"We love you so much!"

"We can't wait to be with you!"

"We love to give you high fives!"

"We can't wait to see you at the starting line!"

See below for signs with messages that you can print out and use for your videos!

You could print these messages that are ready for use. We also have a blank one with the artwork that you can use to write your own message.

Get Creative and use objects to hold as props along with your messages. Some ideas for you...

Hopkinton is a diverse town of amazing people from many generations, places, stories and walks of life, and over 50 languages spoken! Feel free to represent our diversity! Have fun and be creative! Tell your friends to join the fun and send a message as well!